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Joe  Samson
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I am a licensed member of the Real Estate Council of Alberta since the year 2005. In 2000 I developed an interest in real estate and I haven't looked back since. Using unique real estate strategies, I've proudly assisted countless clients in their search for financial independence and become happy homeowners. I am also fluent in Hungarian and would be glad to be your connection as a Hungarian Realtor in Calgary when needed.

First and most importantly, I am married to Edit and I am a proud father of David (15 years old) and Adam (11 years old). We have lived in Calgary since 1991 and currently reside in Silverado where we very much take pride in our community by volunteering as much as our time allows in our community.

I love this city, and I feel privileged to help home buyers and sellers realize their dreams here.

On my days off, I enjoy skiing on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains or go fishing with my boys in the summer. When I am not working, I like to spend as much time as possible reading great books written by brilliant people to gain a better understanding and experiences yet to come into my life.

Initially, I started my career in the oil and gas industry as many Calgarians have. I have worked on large size engines and gas compressors as an IP Certified Millwright early on in my career. As my appetite grew towards a more business-oriented career, I was committed to learning more about Business Management at the University of Calgary. After many years of giving up my weekends and evenings, I have successfully graduated and shortly after that, advanced into a Project Management position.

In 2004, I had decided to go through another career switch when I finally discovered that real estate was my true passion. Then I began applying my knowledge to my clients who were interested in purchasing a family home or perhaps revenue-producing properties.

To keep up with ever-changing market trends and best serve my clients, I have regularly attended trade shows and professional development courses throughout North America. In addition to regular classroom training, I had taken the initiatives to get involved with a professional coach/mentor where I was trained by some of the country’s top real estate professionals. Each and every week, I connect and train with successful, like-minded business experts to learn how to serve my customers and to manage my business better. This has really allowed me to produce extraordinary results and create a lot of happy clients for life.

I cherish my personal time as much as I cherish my business and helping people to move forward with their dreams and goals in life.