3 Valuable Tips to Selling a Townhouse!


Are you ready prepared to sell your townhouse?

This can be an exciting venture with a lot to look forward to, but it's important not to make a rushed decision. You should know the process before you get started, otherwise, you could end up making a lot of expensive mistakes.

If you want a little bit of insider information to get started, check out the information below. This valuable information will likely be just what you need to get started.

Selling a townhouse is different from selling a single-family property! There are a lot of similarities between marketing a townhouse and a single-family home, but they are not exactly the same. There are a few major differences that you need to be aware of ahead of time.

Marketing a Townhouse

When a townhouse is marketed, it's extremely important for agents to talk about the amenities of the condominium complex. Special emphasis should be placed on the nearby parks, tennis court, swimming pools, available parking stalls, zero maintenance, security and any other amenities that appeal to people.

These are things you wouldn't likely talk about when selling a detached home, as most communities don't have exclusive private pools or even fitness centres for their homeowners.

Talk About Condo Fees

You pay condominium fees to help pay for snow removal, trash pickup, outdoor maintenance and other things, so it might seem obvious that this is an expense a buyer will have to consider. But, remember that a lot of people, especially first-time buyers, don't know that these dues exist. Talk to your agent about these fees before placing an offer. T

Tip: If you’re motivated to sell but aren’t getting offers because the market is slow, you can sweeten the deal for buyers by paying for their first year of condo fees.

Have Condo Documents Ready

You've got a buyer, great! But, don't get overly excited and forget that you need to have the condo association documents (rules, regulations, etc.) to your buyers as soon as possible. If you don't provide these by a certain deadline then they could very easily back out of the offer, leaving you in your condo for a lot longer.

Now that you know all of this information, you should be ready to hire an agent and get your townhouse on the market. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want, but also take time to listen to their expert advice. Together you should be able to come up with a marketing/sales plan that is perfect for your property. And, if all goes well you may be able to move into your home before you know it!

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