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Home Buying Tips

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How to Search for a Home Online?

Before the internet… There was a time when the only way to search for homes was with a real estate agent. REALTORS® were viewed upon as the gatekeepers of real estate listings. It’s a strong contrast to how real estate listings are free to view by everyone today. Back in the days, they were printed in phone book style binders and were literarily kept under lock.

Real estate agents only used to have printed copies of listings which were forbidden to be removed from their offices. Other than driving up and down the block scouting for sale signs, the only other options available for a home buyer was to find a local real estate agent. If a buyer wanted to view all the available homes that matched their search criteria, they would have had to talk to

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The Importance of a Mortgage Pre-approval Letter Are you considering going through the mortgage pre-approval process before you begin your search for a home? Great idea! A couple of the most common situations you may avoid by making this smart decision include:

  • Being turned down by an agent or seller to look at a home. This isn’t because they don’t want to help but simply because they won’t know if you can afford the home or are serious about buying.
  • Falling in love with a home that you cannot afford. What if you found a place that was perfect for you, but it was way outside of your budget? This could lead to a lot of stress, frustration, and disappointment for you, the seller, and your agent.

Obtaining a mortgage pre-approval letter makes sense when you consider the stress that can be

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reasons why you need a mortgage pre-approvalWhen making financial decisions that will heavily impact your life, such as buying a home, it’s important to be informed before jumping into a decision and making sure ahead of time that you are ready to buy a home.

This means asking questions and using all resources available to understand more about the commitment of purchasing a property. To gain this understanding, the first (and arguably the most important) step is to determine how you will pay for it. While paying all cash is ideal because it eliminates the need to pay interest, this isn’t something most people can do. This is when the majority of home buyers turn to obtaining a mortgage so they can secure the funds they need to purchase a home.

Fortunately, as a buyer, you have many mortgage

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How Much Real Estate Can You Afford?One of the first things that you should be doing when buying a home is figuring out how much you can comfortably afford without putting any stress on your monthly budget. Once you have settled into your new home it's going to be rather difficult and costly to change your mind about the home you have just bought. By reading this article, you will be able to figure out how much real estate you can truly afford to buy. 

Questions to keep in mind when setting a real estate budget:

  • Is it going to change my lifestyle?
  • Can I live within my means?
  • What is the maximum mortgage payment that I feel comfortable with?
  • Have I created a monthly budget?
  • Is it going to cause stress or peace in my life?

It’s fairly easy and straightforward to

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Final Walkthrough in Real Estate

When closing real estate transactions, sometimes an agreement on the price isn't the biggest obstacle for the buyer and seller to overcome. One oversight many buyers have is with the condition of the property, as some anticipate it to be different than what they see when they’ve taken possession. Unfortunately, this generally results in a dispute, although even in situations where concerns are valid, there’s not much can be done when the transaction has closed.

By becoming familiar with the Purchase Agreement, the buyer can better understand what these specific terms and conditions include. When an agent explains this to their clients, this can help avoid frustration for both parties upon Completion Day. To further explain the wording of this

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The idea of buying your first home can be incredibly exciting, especially considering the fact that your monthly payments will no longer be lost on rent. However, making this investment requires focus, dedication, and a willingness to learn what’s necessary to get through the buying process. With these qualities and an eagerness to be a responsible homeowner, you’ll be on your way to having a much smoother experience with real estate.

Ready to buy a home checklist

Whether you’re just beginning the buying process by searching for homes online or have gone through the steps to determine your budget, there are many more steps to take before you’ll be ready to make an offer. First, it’s important to recognize how emotionally and financially ready you really are. Is this just a

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How not to screw up a mortgage approval

mortgage approval in CalgaryHow to Prevent the Financing Blues?

Avoiding disappointment is always the best thing that you can do, but occasionally it does happen when some mortgage brokers are just utterly incapable of getting things done with the lender. Selecting a great mortgage broker is essential for getting the financing approved. Choosing to work with the wrong person can be detrimental. Let me explain…

Don’t tell this to anyone else, but just because the banks have the money that you need, sometimes they may try to make it sound like they get to do anything is not always the case. At the end of the day, banks still want your business.

So if the bank’s business also depends on securing the next mortgage, then it still didn’t make sense to me why would they be

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Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Canada & Buying Real Estate

In the recent weeks, there has been a lot of chatter about US Citizens wanting to move to Canada as a result of their presidential elections. I am quite certain that the expressed interest shown online is much greater than a number of people who are actually going to follow through. Setting all the hype aside, and for those who are actually very serious about finding out what it is like to buy real estate in Canada - below, you will find a general overview of the Canadian real estate system.

Please note that the following information is for information purposes only and it is not intended to serve as legal or tax advice.

Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate in Canada?

Buying real estate in Canada is fairly straightforward, however, a lot of

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8 Reasons Why REALTORS Will be Needed FOREVER!

In certain situations it’s important to have the expertise of a trained and experienced professional. After all, their time in the classroom and on the job has provided them with insight that can help you when you need it the most.

While this might remind you of a time when you needed to see a doctor or another professional, what if you’re about to buy or sell a home? This situation, while different from prescribing a remedy to your problem, still requires the expertise that only an experienced real estate agent can provide.

Thinking of hiring an agent to help you buy or sell? Below you’ll find 8 reasons why it’s essential to work with a real estate agent.

1.  A Good Agent Will Focus on Educating vs. Selling to a Client

It’s no secret that

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Best real estate round-up postsThe internet is full of real estate experts and wannabes who are constantly trying to offer advise and tips to their readers. Unfortunately most of the time nobody is interested anymore of reading another article of the “Top 10 Tips…” or “How to paint your dog house”.

Seriously, the internet has more information than we need or could ever have the time to read. We only have a limited amount of time to sort through the pile of rubbish that’s coming at us every day. And in order to find the diamonds that is worth spending the time paying attention to we only have split seconds to make a decision weather we the article is worth while to read.

I have taken a stab at helping you to narrow it down of you a bit and only include the best and most distinct

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