New Promotional Video About Calgary

Earlier this week, a video was released that anyone interested in moving to Calgary or really just about Calgary at all should take the time to watch. It's astonishingly great and I thought I should share this with you.

The video is named Right Here and is a part of the Be Part of the Energy - a dynamic effort to attract tourism, the arts, high-quality people and vibrant businesses to our city.

Let's dig deeper. Four Calgary City agencies have gotten together to promote this video which puts a big emphasis on the shifting perception of Calgary. This positive shift is really exciting, especially for Calgary homebuyers and home sellers alike. Expect this to be felt in our real estate market in a truly welcoming way.

The Calgary Hotel Association, the TELUS Convention Centre, Tourism Calgary and of course CED (Calgary Economic Development). They all deserve a big applaud for spreading the good word about Calgary today and where Calgary is moving tomorrow. Think how this type of promotion can affect the efforts of those of us who have homes for sale in Calgary! It can only help, and I think in a big way.

Randy Williams, who is the president of Tourism Calgary, has spoken extensively and quite eloquently about how he sees this great promotional video awakening people to the Calgary beyond the old school Calgary Stampede, the Rockies and so on. The cool Calgary art scene, the exploding number of fantastic restaurants and of course our beloved Downtown. New markets are being made aware of the new Calgary is the meat of what Randy is saying and he's one hundred percent right.

Also speaking up on Right Here is Bruce Graham, Chief Executive Officer of Calgary Economic Development. He sees the main thrust and point of the video as being "people attraction" a powerful part of any drive forward in economic development. Bruce knows and understands economic development, that's for sure.

Graham has said recently this video is worth a million words on the subject. Showing the high quality of life that's becoming synonymous with Calgary in a compelling way does more than all the great press Calgary has had fawned on her lately. Well deserved great press, but I agree to seeing is really believing!

If anyone deserves the final word on Right Here, it's our Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Mayor Nenshi loves the video too, praising Right Here for showing what a "young, creative, innovative, cultural and urban" city Calgary is today.

Those with Calgary real estate interests rejoice! This is a great piece of news for our city and I truly believe more is coming and coming fast.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go check out Right Here. Don't forget to let me know what you think of it. Oh, and also don't forget to share it with your friends and family too.

Raising awareness of our awesome Calgary is truly great blessing for everyone in this city!

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