Questions to Ask YOUR Agent When Buying a Home

Hiring a real estate agentIf you're buying a home you probably want to do things right so you have peace of mind knowing you're making the right moves.

You've checked your credit, you are ready to take out a loan, know what your expectations are and are ready to hire an agent. But, which agent should you choose?

When looking for a real estate professional to help you buy a home, it's important to interview several professionals. This will ensure you can compare each of them and choose which is the very best fit for you.

What should you ask them? Below are some GREAT questions you should consider using.

How many years have you been in business?

You want someone with experience, right? Well, ask this question first and right away you'll know how long they have been helping people buy and sell homes in the neighbourhood where you live.

Do you have a good reputation?

Working with a reputable agent is important. Make sure you are by asking them about their reputation and testimonials specifically. They should be able to provide these to you without a problem.

What's your experience with homes in my area?

Your agent should be able to tell you specific information about the area you plan on buying it. From trends in the area to property values of homes, they should have the facts that you need.

Do you require that I be pre-approved before buying?

In most situations, the answer to this question is going to be yes, and that's a good thing. An agent who wants to help you avoid disappointment will make sure you're pre-approved for a mortgage so the buying process goes more smoothly.

How many homes have you helped clients buy in the last year?

The duties an agent has when helping you buy a home are different from when they are helping you sell one. You'll need to ask this question to make sure they are familiar with the process and have a track record of making sales.

When I've found a home, will you be present at the inspection?

Most top rated agents will say yes to this, as they know how important it is for them to be there. However, not all agents will do this, so it's not always going to be a "yes" answer.

Do you require me to sign a contract to work with you?

The answer for this will depend on the agent and how they work, but most agents will not make you do so. If you're not up to signing a contract, then you should be able to easily find someone who won't require you to.

How many homes will you show me?

An agent who really listens to you should only have to show you 5-10 homes, maximum. If they don't narrow down your options, you could easily end up becoming overwhelmed.

Ready to get out there and start interviewing? Don't forget to write down all the answers and compare them before you make your final choice. Buying a home is a huge financial step, and that's why it's so important to carefully consider which professional helps you do it.

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