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The Best Real Estate Brokerage to Work for

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Once you become a real estate agent, one of the most critical decisions that you will need to make is choosing the real estate brokerage that you are going to work for. In Calgary alone, there are over 230 different real estate brokerages registered. While some of the brokerages are more prevailing than others, there are a very few of them that excels in many areas.

The real estate office that you decide to work for it is undoubtedly going to have a direct impact on your income and the type of service that you are going to provide to your clients.

Now that I have been in business

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Social Media and Content Marketing for Real Estate

No matter what profession you’re in, using social media is an excellent way of connecting with others and sharing your vast knowledge. However, for REALTORS® in particular, social media can help them reach new heights. It is particularly the case for agents who have real estate blogs, as they can easily link posts in social media to drive more traffic to their main website. Most of my social media efforts are concentrated to aide my main blogging site at Great Calgary Real Estate Blog. While there are many choices as to where you can share information and content, some are better than others. Below I’ll share some of the best communication platforms that I feel are the most effective for connecting with clients and exposing my expertise.


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8 Reasons Why REALTORS Will be Needed FOREVER!

In certain situations it’s important to have the expertise of a trained and experienced professional. After all, their time in the classroom and on the job has provided them with insight that can help you when you need it the most.

While this might remind you of a time when you needed to see a doctor or another professional, what if you’re about to buy or sell a home? This situation, while different from prescribing a remedy to your problem, still requires the expertise that only an experienced real estate agent can provide.

Thinking of hiring an agent to help you buy or sell? Below you’ll find 8 reasons why it’s essential to work with a real estate agent.

1.  A Good Agent Will Focus on Educating vs. Selling to a Client

It’s no secret that

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Top Customer Service

Being chased by an 80lbs dog, jumping 6 foot high fences or being yelled at by a naked person in a shower while showing houses are common stories that many seasoned real estate agents probably experienced at one point in their career.

No doubt, all successful real estate agents often go far out of their ways to look out for their clients best interest. The most common example is working long hours, getting stuck in major traffic and sacrificing personal family times to accommodate the client’s work schedules. Interestingly this is just the tip of the iceberg as most of the things that we do to help our well respected clients almost never gets mentioned or recognized.

Believe it or not, there are some real crazy things that some of the top real

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When selling a home it's important to ask as many questions as you can so you learn more about the sales process and what decisions you're making for your future. Most of your questions will likely be about how the sale actually works, but are you also wondering why the agent's commission is set at what seems like a high price? In most situations this is an expense that the seller will take on, and that's why it's so important to understand what you're paying for. Some of the top answers that can help you understand more about this rate include:

why realtors cost so much

The Commission Will be Split

Let's say you're selling a home for $300,000 and the commission for the agent you hired to sell it is 6%. You might think that making $18,000 for one sale is a lot, but

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Real Estate Agent's Car

We’ve all heard the quote “dress for the career that you want”, but should it apply to the vehicle you drive as well? One of the most frequent arguments real estate agents hear is whether or not they should drive a nice car. Some of these debates get quite heated online, with agents from all sides stating why they feel nice cars are or are not beneficial.

One common reason why agents say they should drive nice cars is because it projects the image of success. On the flip side, some agents are dedicated to driving budget cars so their clients feel they can relate to them. But in reality, the answer really depends on the experiences the agent actually has on the job.

In most cases, the vehicle that an agent chooses really just depends on their

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Amazing Real Estate Agent

When it comes to being a successful real estate agent, retaining clients is essential. And that's not only because over 80% are likely to use their service again in the future, but also because they may recommend their friends and family their way. In fact, 92% of individuals looking to buy or sell will take advantage of recommendations over all else, so the power of the past client is incredibly important.

Unfortunately as the real estate climate changes, it can be difficult to not only keep clients, but also attract them to do business with you. There’s a lot of competition, and setting yourself apart is more important than ever. Ask yourself this: Are you doing all you need to do to keep your clients, or could you be doing more?

Some real

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There are a lot of horror stories out there of people who have signed with the wrong real estate agents or brokers. Unfortunately these horror stories can become a reality if you're not careful who you sign with. But, how can you know that you're working with an expert that you can trust? Do you just have to guess? The answer to this question is to do your research, and the first step is learning which type of professional you need to hire.

 Finding a Super Realtor

Brokers, Agents and REALTORS®

A lot of people think that these professionals are the same, but they are not exactly alike. A real estate agent is someone who arranges the sales of real estate for their clients. They are able to negotiate, and can also represent their client, whether they are the buyer or

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Finding a new real estate agent

There are many wonderful REALTORS® out there who work hard for their clients and help them with every detail of their transaction, but this type of service isn't always guaranteed.

Unfortunately among the mix there could also be some uninspired agents, and they can cause their clients frustration, stress and disappointment. I know it sounds a bit strange reading these words on a real estate agent's blog, but I feel that this isn't a closely guarded industry secret.

Are you in a situation where you are thinking about leaving your REALTOR® for a different one? There are a lot of reasons why people consider doing this same thing, and some of the most common are listed below. Read through them to see how you might relate, but also use them as

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Tech Savy REALTOR in CalgaryThere have been a lot of Canadian companies that have come and gone over the years, but there have also been some that have adapted to change and reinvented themselves. This has led to some very successful companies, like The Hudson's Bay Co., which started back in 1668. While there are a lot of ways companies can evolve for the future, what will happen to real estate companies in the future? Will they need to reinvent themselves to keep up with changes in the marketplace?

REALTORS® Surviving Through Decades

Real estate companies today are realizing that it's more important than ever to do things right rather than let things slide, as this can affect their business dramatically. They also realize that it's important to offer services that appeal to

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