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Top 10 Reasons Why a Home is Not Selling

Homeowners who are in the market to sell their home tend to face several challenges throughout the selling process. Many of these challenges are not in your control: unrealistic home buyers, local market conditions, low-ball offers, and more are just some examples.

However, there are also many things that are in your control. You may not know it, but there are factors that can also scare away potential buyers. Even the most minor details can scare away some buyers, while other factors are more significant. If you are having trouble selling your home, these are probably the top 10 things that might be scaring away potential buyers.

1. Asking Above Market Value

One of the biggest and most common mistakes in selling property is overpricing. An

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8 Reasons Why REALTORS Will be Needed FOREVER!

In certain situations it’s important to have the expertise of a trained and experienced professional. After all, their time in the classroom and on the job has provided them with insight that can help you when you need it the most.

While this might remind you of a time when you needed to see a doctor or another professional, what if you’re about to buy or sell a home? This situation, while different from prescribing a remedy to your problem, still requires the expertise that only an experienced real estate agent can provide.

Thinking of hiring an agent to help you buy or sell? Below you’ll find 8 reasons why it’s essential to work with a real estate agent.

1.  A Good Agent Will Focus on Educating vs. Selling to a Client

It’s no secret that

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Best real estate round-up postsThe internet is full of real estate experts and wannabes who are constantly trying to offer advise and tips to their readers. Unfortunately most of the time nobody is interested anymore of reading another article of the “Top 10 Tips…” or “How to paint your dog house”.

Seriously, the internet has more information than we need or could ever have the time to read. We only have a limited amount of time to sort through the pile of rubbish that’s coming at us every day. And in order to find the diamonds that is worth spending the time paying attention to we only have split seconds to make a decision weather we the article is worth while to read.

I have taken a stab at helping you to narrow it down of you a bit and only include the best and most distinct

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Sizzling Situations between real estate agent and clientWhen it comes to buying or selling a home - regardless if you are looking for a home in a large city or in a small town, a real estate agent is one of the most useful tools to have. Their experience and insider knowledge can make both buying and selling easier, and can lend to their client making a more educated decision. But how is the experience for the agent compared to the experience of the client?

Sometimes the reality is that clients and agents don’t see the same situation in the same light because of not communicated expectations. Lack of experience or too much professional experience can easily skew a person’s view, and without proper communication, this could cause a lot of issues. And while some clients and real estate agents can get past

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3D Property Tours by Matterport

Have you use Google Street View? Imagine that inside of a home! That’s exactly what 3D tours are like, and that’s why they are so attractive to both buyers and sellers. With just one click a 360 degree view of the home is offered, and that means knowing exactly what the home will look like in person. Users can even click out of the entire home to look at the layout, and then click back into any room they’d like to visit.

Online listings have become integral parts of the home buying and selling process, with over 90% of buyers searching online before anywhere else. But, the chances of selling a home are only as good as the actual property presented. Buyers want to see high resolution pictures so they can get an accurate feel for what the rooms looks

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Guide to a successful open house

Holding open houses has been one of the most powerful tools that anyone can use to sell homes. But as online research has become more prevalent with buyers, the debate of whether or not open houses are still useful today has been more heated than ever. Are buyers only searching online open houses, or are they getting out there and actually taking advantage of open houses?

Some experts dismiss the open house, saying it’s an outdated custom that’s carried on mainly to placate home sellers. Other real estate pros remain devoted to the method. Their track records show that open houses can, and often do, get the property sold.

But, what do the numbers say? The National Association of Realtors (NAR) regularly surveys people on their reliance on open

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Real Estate Agent vs private seller

Are you thinking about moving, but need to sell your home in order for that to happen? Before you can get the keys into another person's hands you'll first have to choose how you're going to sell. Do you want to hire a real estate agent, or do you want to handle the sales process yourself? If you're thinking about taking the reigns and selling on your own, there are many facts you should know before jumping right in. Understanding these can make you more aware of the drawbacks you may face, and some of the top include:

The Expense of Advertising

When you hire a real estate agent you're paying for their full service, which includes the expense of advertising. Agents regularly pay to have memberships to real estate websites and directories, and

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When selling a home it's important to ask as many questions as you can so you learn more about the sales process and what decisions you're making for your future. Most of your questions will likely be about how the sale actually works, but are you also wondering why the agent's commission is set at what seems like a high price? In most situations this is an expense that the seller will take on, and that's why it's so important to understand what you're paying for. Some of the top answers that can help you understand more about this rate include:

why realtors cost so much

The Commission Will be Split

Let's say you're selling a home for $300,000 and the commission for the agent you hired to sell it is 6%. You might think that making $18,000 for one sale is a lot, but

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There are a lot of horror stories out there of people who have signed with the wrong real estate agents or brokers. Unfortunately these horror stories can become a reality if you're not careful who you sign with. But, how can you know that you're working with an expert that you can trust? Do you just have to guess? The answer to this question is to do your research, and the first step is learning which type of professional you need to hire.

 Finding a Super Realtor

Brokers, Agents and REALTORS®

A lot of people think that these professionals are the same, but they are not exactly alike. A real estate agent is someone who arranges the sales of real estate for their clients. They are able to negotiate, and can also represent their client, whether they are the buyer or

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Finding a new real estate agent

There are many wonderful REALTORS® out there who work hard for their clients and help them with every detail of their transaction, but this type of service isn't always guaranteed.

Unfortunately among the mix there could also be some uninspired agents, and they can cause their clients frustration, stress and disappointment. I know it sounds a bit strange reading these words on a real estate agent's blog, but I feel that this isn't a closely guarded industry secret.

Are you in a situation where you are thinking about leaving your REALTOR® for a different one? There are a lot of reasons why people consider doing this same thing, and some of the most common are listed below. Read through them to see how you might relate, but also use them as

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