Calgary Open Houses

View all upcoming Open Houses in Calgary this weekend! Looking online for potential homes to purchase in Calgary can be a great experience, especially if you enjoy seeing different types of properties in all price ranges.

There are many townhouses, condos, detached homes, and luxury properties listed all over the city, and being able to see those properties in one place makes it easy to get an idea of what you like and can afford. However, if you’re ready to step out from online browsing to see properties in person on the weekend, visiting open houses in Calgary is a wonderful way to do just that.

Over 95 percent of home buyers turn to the internet when they’re ready to start searching for their dream home, and it’s easy to see why. Right from a computer or phone buyers can search townhouses, single-family homes, condos, and luxury real estate all around the city of Calgary. With pictures to click through and details such as year built, price, square footage, and the number of bathrooms clearly listed, it’s easy to get a good idea of which places one would like to see in person.

Sometimes, it can be a concern of missing out on the feeling one gets when they physically walk into a home. Fortunately, by stepping out from online searching and into open houses in Calgary, anyone can experience the housing market in a new way. Read more about going to an Open House in Calgary...

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Question to Ask at an Open House

Who is the Agent Representing at the Open House?

Feel free to visit as many open house listings as you would like, whether they are in areas of Calgary that you love or areas that you are only just considering. You’ll find that you learn a lot about different types of properties just by going on these types of tours.

There are some things that a buyer should and shouldn't do at an open house, but most importantly, be aware of real estate agents sitting open houses that they have the seller’s interests at heart before the buyer’s. The selling agent already has a contractual obligation to get the most amount of money for his clients. Unfortunately, some may end up saying that it doesn't matter and they will be able to represent both parties in an even-handed matter. In theory this works well and most of the time this scenario can play out really well. But be aware of the potential risk that you are walking into if you decide to engage the seller’s agent to represent both parties when you have fallen in love with the property.

In the event that you find yourself wanting to see more than just the open house listings that are available or perhaps you become interested in a property that you’d seen during an open house, then it’s beneficial to work with a real estate agent to represent you as the buyer. By calling our office we can show you any listing that you like at a time that works best for you.

List of Open Houses in Calgary

Visiting an Open House

With open houses, you don’t have to schedule an appointment or even contact a real estate agent ahead of time! All you have to do is arrive at the home on the date and time that’s listed and you’ll be able to go right inside.

Upon entering you’ll meet a real estate agent who can give you information about the home while you can walk around to see what every room looks like. Being able to see the home in person gives you a better perspective of the interior and may be just what you need to determine if it’s something you’re serious about.

What’s even better about these events is that they attract all types of buyers, so you’ll get a really good idea of how much interest there is in the home and area. That alone can help you gauge how serious you should be if you want to make an offer for that property. However, even if you’re not ready to buy, it’s still a great way to experience the buying process without diving right in.

Finding an Open Houses to Visit

Many Open Houses to Choose From

All throughout the different areas of Calgary, there are hundreds of open houses to visit. You can find these by searching on this page in the open house section, making it easy to determine which are the right fit for you.

Generally, these are held on weekends for several hours in the afternoon, so you can schedule yourself for several visits without having to make extra trips. Most potential buyers will make a day of going to open houses, visiting 3 or 4 that caught their eye online.

If you don’t end up liking any of the homes that you see enough to buy, don’t worry. New open houses are listed every day of the week and we are updating them for you within 15 minutes of them of them being scheduled, as sellers realize this is a great way to advertise their property without individual appointments. There’s always a new properly in Calgary to see, so you’ll have many options open up all throughout the month.

Open House Marketing

Open houses are common in Calgary because they can be effective ways of selling properties in just a short amount of time. Potential buyers are able to spend as much or as little time as they would like inside of the actual property to get an idea of whether they want to make an offer. In most situations, this can result in buyers being more likely to get serious about purchasing the property, especially if they fall in love with what they see.

And while a quick sales process through hosting an open house is great for the seller, it can mean the buyer missing out if they wait too long. This is why if you visit an open home that intrigues you, it’s crucial to work with a real estate agent quickly to determine what you should do for an offer. Their honest and knowledgeable advice will help guide you through the entire process of buying.

Searching for Open Houses in Calgary

Hundreds of open houses are hosted in all the different areas of Calgary each week. The easiest way for buyers to determine which open houses they’d like to attend is by searching online. By reading through the descriptions they’ll know where the house is and when it’s open for visitors to stop by.

What’s even better is that they can search to see if there are other open houses in Calgary today, so they can visit as many as they’d like to without having to make separate trips. With most of these being open on the weekends for several hours, potential buyers can visit quite a few and make a day of house-hunting.

For those who don’t end up liking any of the properties that they see, they need not worry. There are new open houses listed every day, so there are always new chances to see up and coming properties.

All buyers have to do is search through the newest listings and they’ll be able to view all of the options that are available for them to visit. This is beneficial to them but also the listing agent because they won’t have to host individual appointments. Buyers can simply find new open houses they’re interested in going to throughout the month without having to plan a certain time.

How Do Open Houses Work in Calgary?

Open houses are wonderful opportunities to see homes in person without having to schedule an appointment or even contact a real estate agent. They are simply as the name states: homes that are open to those who would like to view them. Anyone looking for a home can visit during the hours listed to see if they favour the place in person. What’s even better is that the chance to physically go to the home can answer many questions, such as what the neighbourhood is like, if the layout of the home is suitable, and what the traffic is like getting there. This is information that is just better experienced than read or even viewed in pictures.

Anyone thinking about purchasing real estate can go to as many open houses as they would like. Most are open for at least several hours to accommodate all types of schedules. Upon attending, the agent hosting the event will take the time to provide a tour, answer questions, and give important information about the property. During the tour, it’s likely other buyers will be there as well, which is beneficial to serious buyers who want to gauge how many people are interested in the home that they could be placing an offer on.

Although open houses are convenient and casual, it’s essential for buyers to approach them knowing what to expect. For example, it’s important to understand that the agent hosting the open house is working for the seller, therefore they have their interests at heart. Their priority is to make their client money as their contract stipulates, which is why it’s risky to hire them to help with buying. In most situations where a buyer is serious about putting an offer in on an open home, it’s more beneficial for them to hire their own agent for representation. This ensures each agent is working fairly and the situation works out in the best way possible.

Experiencing an Open House

With the times and dates of open houses being stated days and sometimes weeks in advance, it’s easy for buyers to schedule which they’d like to attend. Once they are there, they’ll have a better view of the property inside, giving them a much better idea of the size of the space, the layout, and the interior details. Although pictures online are helpful, seeing bedrooms and bathrooms in person gives a much more accurate idea of what the size is really like.

Even individuals who are not ready to buy right away can enjoy going to these events because of how much they will learn. Not only will they get an idea of what different terms mean but they will also see what the real estate process is like. This can aid them in the future when they are ready to buy, especially when they go view homes they are serious about bidding on.

Purchasing an Open House

Calgary is a hot spot for open houses because they make viewing properties easy on the seller and potential buyers. Each person who views the home can spend as much time there as they want, as they won’t be obligated to keep a certain appointment schedule. Fortunately for sellers, this often results in buyers being more eager to take the property like they off of the market. Once they know they like it in person, they are much more likely to make an offer right away rather than waiting around.

When it does come time to make an offer for an open house, it’s important for buyers to work with their agent right away. They will provide guidance through the entire process, starting with advice on what to do with an offer. Their experience with buying and knowledge of real estate can make all the difference with getting that open house off the market quickly.